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✨Press On Nails are the backbone and foundation of Fleek & Chic and we are honoured that you have taken the time to check them out!✨

Our Press On Nails are custom-made to suit each and every individual who purchases them. These are made using only professional products as our Founder, Gabriella, is a licensed nail technician in the UK and believes that your nails only deserve the best that money can buy. We will never use products for your Press On Nails, that we wouldn't apply directly to our own nails.
This is one of the reasons why our Press On Nails are so unique - the use of professional-only products means we have access to much more durable products that last 10x longer than the Press On Nails you might purchase from the chemist. Yes you hear us right - 10x longer! We have done the trialling and testing so you don't have to. Don't believe us? Come and find out for yourself!💅🏼

Each kit will come with 10 nails (or 20 nails if you choose to purchase a full set with all sizes) in your choice of shape, size and design; a nail file for you to personalise your Press Ons to fit you perfectly; glue and glue tabs; a cuticle pusher and a gift from us to you! We also include thorough application instructions and can provide you with removal tips and tricks too. 💃🏻
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